Compass No 409 - February 2016

From the Principal

Congratulations Lachlan McKay

Among 37 Best Year 12 Students in 2015

We congratulate Lachlan McKay, 2015 College Captain, who was recognised as one of Queensland’s top performing Year 12 students at the Queensland Certificate of Education awards last weekend. He was one of 37 students from the state to receive an award for outstanding academic achievement in their senior studies. The 37 students were ahead of more than 50,000 of their peers. Lachlan has been accepted into a Doctor of Medicine at the University of Queensland through the Provisional Entry for School Leavers pathway and was also awarded a Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship.

Lachlan is an inspirational, unassuming young man who provided great service to this community. He tutored his classmates, maintained excellent relationships with his peers and contributed strongly to the College sports program. He set goals and worked hard to achieve them. This same achievement of personal excellence was the story of many of our Year 12 students from 2015 in many varied forms. We celebrate with the entire cohort their achievements and who they have become. We wish them well as they now embark on the next phase of their lives. Many of them will be engaging with university life for the first time this week, while others have started in the working world or pursued other areas of interest.

Principal's Log

I am delighted to share with the community that Pastor Tim Jarick has accepted the call to the College. Pastor Jarick is currently at Victory Lutheran College in Wodonga, Victoria. Pastor Jarick grew up on the Darling Downs, has had experiences in Queensland schools and parishes and enjoyed the multicultural nature of a Sydney parish. We look forward to welcoming him and his family to the College community at the start of Term 2.

We thank parents and students who attended the Year 10 Information Evening on Tuesday night. Presentations on career pathways, the importance and changing nature of ongoing learning, social and emotional development, community connection and our spiritual centeredness, highlighted the importance of young people taking the responsibility to immerse themselves fully in a range of opportunities. We thank Ms Sue Arahill, Miss Kim Stone, Ms Nell Keen and Mrs Natasha Purcell for their leadership.

As we have reached the middle of the term, it is a good time for families and young people to check routines, particularly for those in the Senior College. It is important to ensure there is a good balance of time across work, school, family and leisure activities to ensure the development and sustainment of good personal wellbeing and optimisation of learning. For our Year 10-12 students it is important that there is a routine space of two-three hours per night to engage in steady, focused home learning in a well-lit and ventilated area that is free of interruptions. 

We thank God for all the blessings He has given us as individuals and community and pray that He might equip us to continue building on the good that surrounds us each day.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

Important Notices


The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is a national assessment for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 that is undertaken annually. NAPLAN tests the sorts of skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life, such as reading, writing, spelling and numeracy.

NAPLAN is made up of tests in four areas (or ‘domains’) of:

  • Reading;
  • Writing;
  • Language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation); and
  • Numeracy.

This year, NAPLAN is on from Tuesday 10th May – Thursday 12th May with any catch up tests to be completed by close of business on Friday 13th May.

Parents seeking further information about NAPLAN testing may like to visit the National Assessment Program website:

International Women's Day Breakfast

Creating inclusive, flexible cultures

You’re invited to join the Pacific community for a breakfast celebrating International Women’s Day. Please join us to hear from guest speakers, watch student performances and enjoy some delicious food.

Please note the International Women’s Day Breakfast will now be on Friday 11th March (not 4th March as printed in the College calendar).

Time: 7.00am to 8.00am

Location: Pacific’s Music Courtyard

Cost: $2.00 per person

Please RSVP by contacting 5436 7320 or email: For further information, please click here.

From the Director of Students


This term, staff and students have been focusing on positivity. Students have contributed a range of ideas on how to grow positive language and habits in young people. Research shows that people who think optimistically see the world as a place packed with endless opportunities, especially in trying times. Each evening, our College Captains have been writing down three positives from their day and sharing them with students. At the recent Pastoral Care Action Group Meeting, students discussed how to grow positivity in each other. They developed a poster that is now displayed across the school. They are also interviewing students about what positivity means to them and creating a video to show at assembly.

Drama students are also working on a short piece on ‘Positivity’ to be presented at assembly. The senior music class have also promised the performance of a positive song. Some of the other ideas that students developed include:

  • Concentrate on being positive at all times by thinking about what is good in this situation;
  • Perform one selfless act every day to help others;
  • Treat everyone nicely, even those who are rude to you;
  • Control your emotions;
  • Pay attention and enjoy life as it happens;
  • Every morning, read or watch something that inspires you;
  • Exercise for 30 minutes everyday; and
  • Spend some time in the evenings on what went well.

Year 9 Student Leaders

Congratulations to Jye Gallagher, Alannah Bell, Sam Henderson, Jackson Laverick, Stella Teys, Savannah Turner-Galea, Brock Birch, Stephanie Keenan, Jack Clarke, Tamika Cheney, Georgia Harle, Ella Block, Riley Boaza, and Rebecca Pierce who were elected as the Middle College leaders for 2016.

Mr Brendan Delaney, Director of Students

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Clean Up Australia Day

In recognition of Clean Up Australia Day in March, at assembly on Monday I will be discussing the important role each individual can play in keeping our environment litter free. If you are interested, there are websites that provide further information and detail the effects pollution is having on our ocean, such as:

The environmental footprint of a school can be quite large due to water usage, electricity and rubbish generation. To minimise our environmental impact, the College has implemented initiatives such as rainwater tanks, solar panels to generate electricity, a recycling program and also supports environmentally friendly forms of travel.

Much of the College’s non-recyclable rubbish is generated from food wrappings, which do not readily break down and unfortunately can end up being washed into the ocean. We encourage parents to consider this when preparing food for their children’s lunches and morning teas. Even though students generally do a great job in keeping the grounds clean, unfortunately not all litter is placed or remains in bins.

As a parent, I appreciate the convenience of snap lock plastic bags, plastic food wraps and fruit juice packaged in tetra packs with straws. However, there are alternatives to replace much of the plastic used in lunches. Although the use of paper bags is not ideal, it is certainly preferable to plastic. Reusable stainless steel water bottles and cutlery can be used instead of plastic ones. Reusable plastic containers are great for storing items like fruit, yoghurt, spaghetti and baked beans. More information regarding eco-friendly lunches can be found at:

If every student’s lunch contained one less piece of plastic per day it would equate to over 160,000 pieces of rubbish removed from the environment annually. Remember every little bit helps!

National Ride2School Day

This year the College will celebrate National Ride2School Day on Friday 4th March. On this day we encourage students and their families to leave the car at home and get a taste of the benefits, ease and fun of wheeling or walking to school.

Students should register on the Sunshine Coast Council website: ( If you register before Friday 4th March you’ll go in the draw for great prizes, including a $500 bike shop voucher.

If driving to school in the family car is your only option, you can still be TravelSmart by parking the car a short distance away and then riding or walking from there.

Class Parent Representatives

Thank you to those parents in Prep P, Class 1C, Class 1H, Class 2P, Class 3P, Class 3G and Class 5C who have nominated Class Parent Representatives. If you would like to be a parent representative for your child’s class, please either advise your child’s class teacher or contact me directly.

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Student Awards

Junior College Awards

Click here to download the Junior College Stars of the Week and You Can Do It Awards for this week, Monday 22nd February.

Food for Thought

Encouragement - A Positive Parenting Tool

It is said that our childhood experiences shape us into the adults we become. Encouragement is one of the greatest things we can give our children. I believe that giving them proper encouragement can greatly influence their approach to life and their interaction with others. Encouragement, or lack thereof, impacts children’s feelings of self-worth more than any other single factor in their lives.

Ms Annie Williams, College Counsellor


Current Roster

Click here to download the current Tuckshop roster for Term 1.

Ms Carrie Dickson, Tuckshop Convenor

Library News


The following LibGuides have been added this week:

Year 8 Food Tech

Year 8 Enterprise Education

Year 12 Biology


This week in MakerSpace, students created necklaces and bracelets out of beads. Last week, we introduced students to the Goldie Blox engineering kits. These kits won toy-of-the-year in 2014 and aim to teach basic engineering concepts in a fun way.

Magazine Survey

We have had 146 responses to the magazine survey sent out to all Middle and Senior College students. Magazines have been very popular with our students and we are using the survey results to guide our purchases of new titles.

Ms Nell Keen, Teacher Librarian

Outside School Hours Care

Vacation Care

Vacation Care is just around the corner! The program has been finalised and is due to be sent out within the next week… so please keep an eye out for it! As usual, it will also be available on the College website. If you would like your child to attend, please ensure they are enrolled with the Outside School Hours Care service. Due to limited vacancies, it will be a first in, first served situation.

We have a few new experiences planned, which we believe the children are going to thoroughly enjoy. Using a programming tool called Mind Maps, we have collected many ideas for the program directly from the children themselves. We encourage all families to read the program carefully as you may recognise where the ideas have come from! We are hoping that families can help in gathering some items for our special days, particularly our ‘Recycled Art and Craft Day’. OSHC needs plastic milk and soft drink tops, old CD’s, plastic soft drink bottles large or small, buttons and old pieces of material. If you have any of these items we would love to take them off your hands. Please just drop them in to staff at OSHC.

Booking Policy and Cancellations

We take this opportunity to remind the Pacific community that spaces in OSHC are very limited. After School Care (ASC) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday is now fully booked and space on Thursdays is very limited. At this stage, BSC is also filling up quickly. We invite all parents to call the Service and speak with Julie McCosker (Service Leader) or Tanya Sheldrick (OSHC Coordinator) to discuss your care needs or to make extra bookings. It is also important that families understand we will no longer be able to accept walk in and last minute ASC bookings.

We encourage families to make permanent booking so that refusal of care is avoided. Our Service capacity is 35 ASC and Vacation Care and 20 BSC. These numbers are also subject to a staff/child ratio, so it is important that children are on the roll in advance. An active waiting list is being maintained and families will be called in the order stated on the waiting list document. This will also apply to Vacation Care bookings. Booking sheets will be date stamped to ensure the first returned is first booked in.

Please remember that we have a five working day notice of cancellation to receive no charge, unless we can sell on your child’s place. This information is in our enrolment information. If you cancel we may be able to give your place to another family on our wait list. Please call OSHC on 5436 7328 or Julie on 54367387 during the day. If bookings are not made in advance through these methods, we will not be able to confirm your children/child’s care.

Contact Details

For some time now we have been engaging with families to update their contact details and information. Some of you may have received a call from Ann Barwick at the College to confirm your email address and future outside school care needs. Current and correct details are a legislative requirement for OSHC. We thank you for your cooperation in providing these details.

Ms Tanya Sheldrick, OSHC Coordinator

Secondary College

Year 11 Biology Field Trip

For all the parents who were told by their Year 11 students that the biology excursion was just ‘good’, this is for you. To start the two-day excursion, we headed up to a boardwalk through the Maroochy Wetlands. Apart from the endless battle against mosquitos and the boiling sun, the experience was quite interesting. We learnt about many different mangroves and became very attentive when hundreds of red crabs swarmed the riverbank. We tested the water levels for dissolved oxygen, salinity and more, with $8000 equipment provided by Maroochy Water Watch, which we were sure to guard with our lives! After this we left for Mary Cairncross Reserve, which provided a refreshing change from the sweltering sun. The trees and paddy-melons were beautiful. On day two we made four stops, testing the water with the expensive equipment at each location. We went from creeks in Nambour, to Wappa Dam and then back to Maroochy River. Wappa Dam was huge and the smaller creeks in Nambour were beautiful. Overall, the day made us much more aware of the effect humans have on our waterways. The more we travelled, the more we learned and the more we appreciated the wildlife and outstanding environment that we are blessed with on the Sunshine Coast!

Georgia Woods, Year 11 Student

Mathematics Tutorials

To support students academically, the College will continue Mathematics tutorials this year for students in Years 7-12. These tutorials are on Monday afternoons and are in rooms L13/L14 from 3.20pm to 4.20pm. Students are welcome to come along for a quiet place to complete class work, homework or seek assistance. The expectation is that they remain within the room until 4.20pm, unless picked up earlier by a parent. 

Mr Adam Doyle, Head of Mathematics

From the Head of Career Development

University News

University of Queensland (UQ) Undergraduate Study Guide 2017

  • This guide provides an introduction to studying at UQ as an undergraduate student. It includes information about programs, entry requirements, how to apply, living costs, accommodation and much more. Copies are available from the Careers Office or visit,

Australian Catholic University (ACU) Student Speak Videos

Bond University Campus Tours

University of NSW (UNSW) Engineering

Police Recruiting Information Seminars

Police Recruiting Information Seminars are being held at the Police Headquarters in Brisbane throughout March. The following sessions are still available:

  • Tuesday 15th March, 6.00pm – 7.30pm. 
  • Wednesday 16th March, 6.30pm – 8.00pm. 
  • Saturday 19th March, 9.30am – 11.00am.

A Regional Police Recruiting Information Seminars is also being held at the Glasshouse Mountains Sports Club on Wednesday 9th March from 6.00pm – 7.30pm.

Book online at:

Local Events - Arts and STEM

CQUniversity (CQU): Arts After Hours

EngQuest STEM outreach program

Youth Events

The UN Youth QLD Conference will run from Friday 4th March to Sunday 6th March. This event is for students in Years 10-12 to meet likeminded people, discuss issues, take part in workshops and hear from guest speakers. The topic for this year is ‘Building Our Global Future’ and will focus on challenges to development, changing international and individual responsibilities. Registrations close at midnight on Tuesday 1st March. For more information and to register, visit:


Bradman Scholarship:

  • Registrations of interest applications close on Sunday 28th February. For a commencing university student, this scholarship is awarded based on academic, sporting (cricket), personal and social skills. The scholarship is $5000 per annum for the successful applicant. For more information, visit:

Australian National University (ANU) Tuckwell Scholarship:

  • The Application Roadshow is an online event on Thursday 3rd March. The Roadshow is directed at any potential applicants and their parents. It offers a chance to learn more about other scholarships offered at ANU. Visit:

Mrs Natasha Purcell, Careers Counsellor

Junior Sport

Independent District Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to all students who competed at the Independent District Swimming Carnival last Wednesday at Noosa. The team spirit amongst the junior team was very high and all students were well behaved throughout the day. A number of swimmers performed exceptionally on the day and finished in the top three places in their age group events. Congratulations to the following students:

  • Ainslie Carter – 1st place, 9 years girls 50m breaststroke
  • Jayda Lowe – 1st place, 12 years girls 50m breaststroke
  • Tom Chapman – 1st place, 11 years boys 50m breaststroke
  • Aviva Kelly – 3rd place, 11 years girls 50m backstroke and 3rd place, 11 years girls 50m butterfly

Some of our relay teams also finished in the top three places. Congratulation to the following teams:

  • 11 years mixed 4 x 50m medley relay – 3rd place
  • 11 years boys 4 x 50m freestyle relay – 3rd place
  • 11 years girls 4 x 50m freestyle relay – 3rd place

At the completion of the carnival, both Tom Chapman and Jayda Lowe were selected to represent the district at the upcoming regional carnival. Well done on gaining selection into this team!

Inter-Lutheran Swimming Carnival

The annual primary Inter-Lutheran Swimming Carnival will be held on Friday 4th March. The carnival will be hosted at the Caboolture Regional Aquatic Centre on 1 Aquatic Centre Drive, Caboolture. A bus will be travelling to and from the carnival and will depart from the College at 7.45am sharp. Students will need to arrive at school by 7.30am in order for us to depart on time.

An information and permission sheet was given out to all Year 3-7 students who were selected to represent the College. Parents are asked to please sign and return this sheet by this Friday 26th February.


All students have been placed into their first choice SCISSA sport for this term. Any specific uniform requirements for your child’s sport will need to be purchased as soon as possible.

This week teams played their first trial games against Good Shepherd Lutheran College. All teams will once again have training on Monday afternoon from 3.15pm – 4.15pm, here at the College. Teams will play their second trial game against Immanuel Lutheran College in two weeks, on Thursday 10th March.

On Thursday 17th March, all students will take part in the first Gala Day sporting competition. Students will depart the College at 8.30am for various venues and play in a round robin tournament. Students will arrive back at the College by 3.00pm for normal dismissal. Dance students will remain at school to participate in a dance workshop.

Further information relating to the upcoming Gala Day activities will be sent home to parents over the coming weeks.

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport

Secondary Sport

Year 8-12 District Swimming

Last Thursday, the Pacific swimming team travelled to Noosa to compete in the District Schools Swimming Carnival. Thank you to all who attended on the day and represented the College. Special mentions to the following students on their individual performances:

  • Kaylee McKeown, 15 years girls – 200m IM (1st); 50m breaststroke (1st); 50m freestyle (1st); 50m butterfly (1st) and 50m backstroke (1st)
  • Taj Kelly, 14 years boys – 50m breaststroke (2nd) and 50m freestyle (3rd)
  • Ella Smith, 16 years girls – 50m breaststroke (3rd)
  • James Brown, 14 years boys – 50m freestyle (1st) and 50m butterfly (1st)
  • 15 years girls medley relay team – 1st

Kaylee McKeown was also named the 15 years girls champion swimmer of the carnival and broke district records in the 200m IM and 50m backstroke. James Brown was named the 14 years boys champion of the meet and Taj Kelly came third overall in the 14 years boys division. Well done to James, Kaylee and Taj!

Congratulations also to our 15 years girls and 14 years boys teams, who were both named age champions for their divisions. A fantastic achievement!

Four Pacific athletes were selected to compete at the regional trials next week. We wish Kaylee McKeown, Ella Smith, James Brown and Taj Kelly all the best at the next stage of competition.

Year 7-12 SCISSA Volleyball

The SCISSA volleyball season continued to progress when Pacific hosted Glasshouse Country Christian College for round three of the competition. Well done to all teams for their great games and a special mention to the Junior B Girls (Year 8) for defeating Matthew Flinders Anglican College 3-0 at their away game.

Next week, Pacific takes on Nambour Christian College, which promises to be a great match for all involved. We wish our teams all the best for next week. Please see below for game times.

Week 6






7/8 A Girls




Bus leaves: 3.15pm

Back to PLC: 6.00pm

7/8 Boys




9/10 Girls




9/10 Boys




7/8 B Girls (Yr 7)





7/8 B Girls (Yr 8)




Bus leaves: 3.15pm
Back at PLC: 5.15pm

Year 7-12 SCISSA Soccer

The SCISSA Soccer season is well underway, as we approach round four next week.

This week, Pacific took on Sunshine Coast Grammar School (SCGS) in our first home game for the season. The Open Boys have started off exceptionally well, winning their first three matches quite convincingly. After an 8-0 win over Nambour Christian College last week, the boys went into this week’s game confident and managed a 3-0 victory over last year’s premiers. Next week they take on equal top of the ladder, St Andrew’s Anglican College (SAAC), on the Pacific fields at 4.00pm. It promises to be a tough match!

The Open Girls also played against SCGS this week and finished the first half at 1-1. Unfortunately, they couldn’t hold on and went down 3-1 in a very good match. Next week the girls will play against SAAC on our home field at 4.45pm.

Trish Buckley Volleyball Competition

This Friday night marks the beginning of the Senior Trish Buckley Volleyball Competition. Pacific has entered a boys and a girls team in the tournament, in preparation for the SCISSA competition next term. Thank you to Mrs Debbie Turner for her expertise in coaching the teams. We wish our teams all the best for the first round of competition!



Game times

Duty times

Game times

Duty times

4.30pm v Meridan


5.15pm v Siena


7.30pm v Caloundra


8.15pm v Caloundra


9.00pm v MCSHS




Mr Mark Hauser, Head of Sport

Monday Night Netball

The Monday Night Netball season commenced this week and is the biggest Secondary Schools Competition on the Coast. Games are played at Fisherman's Road, Maroochydore. This year, Pacific entered a total of six teams into the competition. Our two Year 7 teams played their first games of the season, with PLC 5 winning convincingly and PLC 6 only narrowly losing by two points (team pictured). This year, our Year 11/12 team was graded into the Senior A division. Although they lost their first game, their spirit and perseverance validated their position amongst the top ten secondary school teams on the Sunshine Coast.

Mrs Leigh Drogemuller, Netball Coordinator

Club Sport

Pacific Soccer

Click here to download the Pacific Soccer newsletter for this week.

Mr Ian Barnes, Pacific Soccer President

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Donna Hollindale, Uniform Shop Coordinator

Church News

St Mark's Lutheran Church Caloundra

We celebrate with Kristy, Trent, Lachlan and Cooper Ridley the baptism of Nate Ian Ridley. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me”. We thank God for the gifts He gave to Nate at his baptism.

Our next baptism is on 6th March for Isabel O’Brien. All are welcome to attend.

For more information about baptism, contact Pastor Ray directly on 0429 85 6532.

Pastor Ray Morris, St Mark’s Lutheran Church Caloundra

Upcoming Dates

2 Year 12 University Showcase Day
3 10-19yrs Regional Swimming Trials
4 Primary Lutheran Swimming Carnival (Morayfield)
8 13-19yrs Regional Trial Day 3
10 Years 4-6 SCISSA Trial Game 2
11 International Women's Day Breakfast
15 Friends of Pacific (7.00pm)
15-17 P-5 Parent Conferences and Portfolios
17 SCISSA Primary Gala Day 1
18 National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence
19 Year 11-12 Safe Driver Day
22-23 Middle College Conferences
23 Year 11 Driver Education Day
24 K-12 Chapel
Year 12 Awareness Day
Year 4-6 Foundation Cup
Term 1 Concludes