Compass No 408 - February 2016

From the Principal

An Identity Strengthened By Grace

One of the greatest responsibilities we have is to lead ourselves well. Being aware of our own emotions, those of the people around us and finding ways to focus on the good that exists is a key part of this process. Focusing our mind on what is good, leads to a clearer perspective and action that then leads to a positive outlook which positions us to act for a better future. By disciplining ourselves to ask and answer the question, “what is good?”, we learn to appreciate and see those things that we may be blind to or take for granted. We set hope free and can identify the next small step forward.

Seeing ourselves and others as less than perfect, but as equally loved parts of His creation, opens our lives to seeing the power that God’s grace can bring into our lives. We can leave self, guilt, disappointment and frustration at the foot of the cross and free our minds to focus on the good that exists around us and within us and be grateful for it. An identity strengthened by God’s grace is hope filled and growth oriented.

I do not at all understand the mystery of grace - only that it meets us where
we are but does not leave us where it found us.
– Anne Lamott

Principal's Log

It was very good to see the large number of parents and students who attended the Year 12 Information Evening. Both parents and students commented that they found the evening extremely useful. Contemporary ways to support career decision-making, strategies for maximising academic achievement and social and emotional growth were valued. We thank Miss Kim Stone, Ms Nell Keen, Mrs Natasha Purcell and Ms Sue Arahill for their very effective presentations.

The new Year 12 certification process that our current Year 9 students will encounter in 2019 is continuing to be developed through the work of QCAA and the state government. The new system will involve both internal and external assessment. Current advice is that Year 12 students will have four pieces of assessment that will contribute to their final tertiary score. It is proposed that three of the assessments use the internal processes that occur now while the fourth will be an externally set and marked piece. A key component of the QCAA strategy has been to enhance the internal assessment processes across the state, which began last year. Part of this process has included additional training for District Review Panels and in the future will also involve the endorsement of internal assessment by the QCAA prior to students completing the tasks. Pacific has been involved in the endorsement process trial in the subjects of Physical Education and Modern History, with very positive feedback being received. Our Year 11 Modern History students will also participate in trialling external assessment processes in the middle of this year. Involvement in these processes enhances the assessment capability and learning for both our staff and students and we appreciate the leadership of Mr Gary Graves, Mrs Leigh Drogemuller and Mrs Elley Wood. 

A growth mindset was very evident at the Friends of Pacific meeting on Tuesday night, where parents reflected on ways to continue enhancing community connection in the College and ways to support the learning of young people. Planning for the OCEANfest is well underway and promises to be an outstanding community event. I would encourage all families to connect with members of the FoP Committee to discuss ways they can assist in the planning and staging of this important community event. We thank the FoP Executive, capably led by President Mrs Tracey Hindmarsh and the OCEANfest committee led by Mrs Melissa Pollack.

May God grant us hearts to feel His grace at work within us and through us. 

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

National Ride2School Day

This year the College will celebrate National Ride2School Day on Friday 4th March. On this day we encourage students and their families to leave the car at home and get a taste of the benefits, ease and fun of wheeling or walking to school.

Students should register on the Sunshine Coast Council website: ( If you register before Friday 4th March you’ll go in the draw for great prizes, including a $500 bike shop voucher.

Class Parent Representatives

Thank you to those parents in Prep P, Class 1C and Class 2P who have nominated Class Parent Representatives. If you would like to be a parent representative for your child’s class, please either advise your child’s class teacher or contact me directly.

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

From the Head of Senior Students

Senior College Parent Information Evenings

We would like to thank Year 12 parents and students who attended the parent information evening on Tuesday 16th February. It is pleasing to have the continued support and connectedness of parents during their student’s journey through senior school. Key information was presented for parents and students alike.

Here are some key links that we encourage families to view:

The mysterious workings of the adolescent brain:

Cybersafety advice and help for parents:

Myfuture - Australia's career information and exploration service:

Student Café:

Common Curriculum Elements (CCEs) [Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority]:

Higher education study experience data:

Start your journey – QTAC:

Teenage mental health:

Student Connect (Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority):

If you were unable to attend this parent information evening and would like more information about careers or student pathways, please contact Careers Counsellor, Mrs Natasha Purcell (email: or ph: 07 5436 7310).

Parents and students in Year 10 are asked to attend the parent information evening on Tuesday 23rd February, starting at 7.00pm. This will be an informative night as students begin their transition into senior schooling.

Senior College events are listed on the College calendar and reminders are also uploaded to the College app.

Miss Kim Stone, Head of Senior College Students

From the College Captains

Year 12 Leadership Luncheon

The College student leadership team decided that we would bring house, school and action group captains together to complete a personality test we had previously completed on the Enthuse Leadership Camp. Last week, we facilitated a luncheon with a focus on: 'Leadership styles: getting to know self to serve others and how different personality types can work as a team'.

The test assesses factors such as personal growth and finding personal strengths and weaknesses as a leader. As our theme for this term is 'getting to know oneself to serve others and how different personality types can work as a team', this specific activity seemed very relevant. Becoming aware of ourselves assists in how each team member will work with one another and how we can use our strengths to enable the greatest possible outcome of the required task.

Aidan Bergs, a previous College Captain (2012) also attended our session and completed the personality test. He commented on how completing such activities as a team will be in useful in order to grow and learn. Furthermore, he offered his advice to each of the captains in regards to using our full potential and leading this year. Each of the College Captains felt the session was successful and will result in an easier functioning leadership team that will benefit the school as a whole.


- Jack Bange and Chelsea Ricotta

Year 7-12 Swim Carnival

Pacific spirit was on show at the Year 7-12 Swimming Carnival last week. Leadership was shown from our senior students as they set examples of participation, sportsmanship, support and encouragement in celebrating their sporting house endeavours and achievements. At the end of the day the commitment, spirit and aquatic talents of Wira house allowed them to take out the Spirit Award and overall 1st place.

Congratulations to Kaylee McKeown and Jake Hynes who were awarded King and Queen of the pool at last weeks Senior College assembly.

- Jack Bange and Chelsea Ricotta

Enthuse 2016

During the last week of the school holidays, we College Captains embarked on an experience that awakened us to our own inner-workings and taught us how to control our leadership, emotions and communication with our fellow peers. This experience was called Enthuse 2016, a five-day camp run by the Lutheran Youth of Queensland (LYQ) in Coolum.

The ‘sick as’ LYQ facilitators taught us the importance of learning about ourselves, before we can lead others. We also learnt about self-reflection and how this can help us take in important information. This mirrors back to our school lives and how it is important to reflect back on the day, something that not all of us have time to do. The most resonating impact from Enthuse 2016, was the sense of responsibility that leadership bears, which connects to the thread for this week, ‘Responsibility’.

During the week at Coolum, we were not forced to go to activities, we could say whatever we wanted and were given freedom to do what we wanted (as long as it wasn’t overtly dangerous). However, the Enthuse facilitators weren’t really giving us complete freedom; they were giving us the responsibility to create and abide by our own rules and guidelines. In our everyday teenage lives, we have the responsibility to abide by social expectations, rules and laws, not to actually establish them ourselves. This sort of foreign responsibility allowed us to reflect on the upcoming year, when we will be introduced into the adult world, given more freedom (getting our drivers licence, earning money at casual jobs) and having to balance our time between school and social life.

We have been given the opportunity to share our knowledge, emotions, ideas and character with the rest of the school community. This is a responsibility that we have gladly undertaken and we will strive as leaders to do what we can to empower the student body and to help our fellow Year 12 classmates’ transition into the adult world. As the saying goes, ‘Together We Grow, For A Better Tomorrow’.

- William Minns and Jack Gretton


Responsibilities are a part of everyday life. You have to take responsibility for your actions and acknowledge your responsibilities. This includes taking on certain tasks that may lead to learning, development or growing deeper on a personal level.

Now that we are in Year 12 and a part of the College leadership team, we’ve taken on a lot of responsibilities. We acknowledge these responsibilities and are ready to serve and develop others in the Pacific community.

As a leadership team, we are focusing on developing others through communication. Effective communication through different means will help to excel others’ responsibilities. Last week, the Year 12 leaders were invited to attend a lunch, to learn new skills about themselves and how to effectively use these with others. We were grouped into four categories: the party person ‘otter’; wise and powerful ‘lion’; analytical and correct ‘beaver’; or the easy going and relaxed ‘golden retriever’.

The leaders not only learnt about their own strengths and weaknesses but also those of their fellow classmates. The exercise hopefully helped them to identify their own strengths and how they can effectively communicate with a particular group of people.

- Emily Brewster and Elsa Jonsson

Student Awards

Junior College Awards

Click here to download the Junior College Stars of the Week, You Can Do It and Mathletics Awards for this week, Monday 15th February.

Food for Thought


Resilience is that ineffable quality that allows some people to easily bounce back when life gets tough. Rather than letting failure overcome them and drain their resolve, they find a way to rise from the ashes. Psychologists have identified some of the characteristics that make a person resilient, among them a positive attitude, optimism, the ability to regulate emotions and to see failure as a form of helpful feedback. Even after misfortune, resilient people are blessed with such an outlook that they are able to change course and soldier on.

Ms Annie Williams, College Counsellor

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

Meeting Tuesday 16th February

Thank you to everyone who attended the first Friends of Pacific meeting for the year. It was wonderful to see so many faces, both new and familiar. 

We understand that for many people, attending each monthly meeting can be difficult, however we warmly welcome you to attend when possible.

Changes to FoP Events Calendar

After much discussion, it has been decided that the Annual Golf Day will not proceed as originally planned this year. The Golf Day is somewhat of an institution and has been running since the College formed, so the decision was not made lightly. While it has always been a successful event, this year we will aim to replace it with a relaxed social gathering that the whole family can attend.

This will also allow the FoP and OCEANfest Committees to focus on the OCEANfest in August.

The FoP Committee would like to take the opportunity to thank the many sponsors and players who supported this event over the years.

General Meeting Format

After the success of introducing guest speakers at FoP meetings last year, we will continue to do the same for 2016,  having a guest speaker at one meeting per term. We are open to suggestions on what topics you would like to be presented, so please contact us:

We are aiming to make the meetings as concise as possible and would like to keep the time to an hour or hour and a half at most. With this in mind, please submit any agenda items to the Secretary ten days prior to the scheduled meeting. Any items that require lengthy research or discussion may be held over to the following meeting.

We understand that there are many of you who want to be involved with FoP but may not be able to attend the regular meetings. Please feel free to touch base with the FoP Committee throughout the year to find out how you can be more involved. Alternatively, the Committee members may touch base with you to seek assistance where necessary. The 2016 Committee is as follows:

  • Chairperson - Tracey Hindmarsh
  • Vice Chair - Allyson Sarvari
  • Secretary - Kath Barry
  • Treasurer - Sanet Strong
  • Committee members - Ian Barnes, Leah Croke, Deni Fowler, Julie Hoffman, Jenny Lee, Sophie McKenzie, Karen Petfield, Mel Pollack and Nikki Stacey.

Mrs Tracey Hindmarsh, FoP Chairperson


Volunteers Required

Thank you to the lovely parents and families who are generously giving their time to help out in our Tuckshop. It has been fabulous to see so many new faces and I know the students and staff appreciate your help too.

We still have some spaces to fill on our roster. If you are able to lend a helping hand, please complete and return the volunteer form.

Current Roster

Click here to download the current Tuckshop roster for Term 1.

Ms Carrie Dickson, Tuckshop Convenor

Health News

Year 7-8 Vaccinations

Thank you to all the Year 7-8 students and parents who have returned their vaccination forms. We are still waiting on a number of completed forms to be returned.

If you want your child to be vaccinated, please return the forms by Thursday 17th March.

Mrs Sharon Middleton and Mrs Maree Hooper, College Nurses

Secondary College

Mathematics Tutorials

To support students academically, the College will continue Mathematics tutorials this year for students in Years 7-12. These tutorials are on Monday afternoons and are in rooms L13/L14 from 3.20pm to 4.20pm. Students are welcome to come along for a quiet place to complete class work, homework or seek assistance. The expectation is that they remain within the room until 4.20pm, unless picked up earlier by a parent. 

Mr Adam Doyle, Head of Mathematics

From the Head of Career Development

Key Application and Information Dates

24th February 2016

  • Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) information session is being held on Wednesday 24th February at 6.00pm in Maroochydore. To RSVP, please call 13 19 01 or email:

28th February 2016

  • ADFA Education Award applications are due on 28th February. This award is presented annually to Year 12 students in recognition of leadership potential and academic and sporting achievements displayed during Year 11. The award includes a tablet device (or similar) and certificate for you, along with a plaque for your school. There are up to 50 awards available on behalf of the Navy, Army and Air Force. For more information, visit:

2nd March 2016

  • The Year 12 University and TAFE Showcase day is on Wednesday 2nd March. All Year 12 students will visit the showcase between 1.40pm and 2.40pm (please note the new time slot) at Kawana State College Primary Campus.

21st March 2016

  • 2016 UQ Science Ambassador Program applications close on 21st March. Through this program, science teachers nominate up to four current Year 11 students to interact with UQ and assist science teachers to raise the profile of the subject in your school. If you are in Year 11 and are interested in being a part of this program, talk to your science teacher and visit the website at:
Information Evenings

If you missed recent information evenings for senior students, the following key points were covered with Careers information handouts provided. Please contact me if you require further information or missed out on receiving these.

Self-Awareness: Assist your student to continue to develop their self-awareness and make connections between career and study pathways with interests, strengths and values throughout the year.

Decision Making: Observe how your student makes decisions – is it talking it through with many people, having experienced something first hand or having all the information first? What will help your student to make informed career and study pathway decisions?

Opportunity Awareness: Engage in opportunity awareness around future pathways – through work shadowing, workplace visits, work experience, informational interviews, networking, visiting Tertiary and Career Information and Open Days or engaging in university programs over the holidays. Research what is out there and experience what it looks and feels like.

Action Planning: Research, set smaller, more achievable weekly goals around study, work, career or study research and tick them off more regularly once achieved, reflect on your journey to date and keep exploring and building your knowledge and self-awareness.

Mrs Natasha Purcell, Careers Counsellor

Junior Sport

Junior Swimming

Congratulations to all students who competed in the House Swimming Carnival recently at the Kawana Aquatics Centre. It was a very trying day with the weather conditions; however, all A Division races were completed and our district swimming team was selected. Team spirit and participation were high on the day and it was great to see all houses finish closely at the completion of the shortened carnival.

Total points at the end of the day were:

  • Wira – 1684 points
  • Bula – 1639 points
  • Mumba – 1411 points

Congratulations to Wira who were the overall champion house!

There were a number of fantastic individual achievements at the carnival as well but special mention needs to go to the following students who broke school records.

  • Aviva Kelly – 11 year girls 50m backstroke (33.77s)
  • Tom Chapman – 11 year boys 50m butterfly (44.99s)
  • Tom Chapman – 11 year boys 50m backstroke (42.27s)
  • Tom Chapman – 11 year boys 50m freestyle (33.27s)

Over the past two weeks, students have participated in selection trials and training for their chosen sports. Monday afterschool training starts next week and runs from 3.15pm to 4.15pm here at the College and Meridan Fields. If you are unsure of training dates please refer to the College calendar, which has all dates listed for the year. If your child is unable to attend training, please send an email or note through to their coach explaining their absence.

Students will play their first trial game against Good Shepherd Lutheran College next Thursday afternoon during school time.

PLC Running Club

Next Tuesday the PLC running club kicks off with their first session of the year. Mr Stuart Pohlner, with the help of various teachers, will be coordinating the club. If your child is interested in preparing for the upcoming cross country and athletics seasons please contact Mr Stuart Pohlner by email (

Training will take place each Tuesday morning from 7.15am to 8.00am here at the College.

Armidale Rugby Carnival

The Armidale Rugby Carnival is a yearly event that Pacific has attended since 2009. Held from 8th – 10th April, students travel by bus to Armidale and stay in boarding accommodation at the school. About 50 schools and clubs from Queensland and New South Wales attend the carnival. Past Pacific students have enjoyed travelling away for this event and it has been a highlight on the calendar for many years.

If your son is turning 11 or 12 this year and would be interested in attending, please contact Mr Darren Hooper for further information. I need to finalise numbers for this tour by Friday 26th February and at this stage we are still short.

Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport

Club Sport

PLC Netball Club

Committee Meeting

All teams, coaches, managers and training days will be announced at the first PLC Netball Club committee meeting. The meeting will be held on Tuesday 23rd February and commence at 5.30pm at Pacific (room L13).

Players and families are encouraged to attend to meet their team and coach. This is also a great opportunity to meet the Committee and be part of the Club.

Final Registrations

The final registrations will take place this Friday 19th February outside Pacific’s main administration building.

For any further enquiries, please contact:

Mrs Bianca Moffitt, PLC Netball Club Registrar

Pacific Soccer

Click here to download the Pacific Soccer newsletter for this week.

Mr Ian Barnes, Pacific Soccer President

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Donna Hollindale, Uniform Shop Coordinator

General Notices

Position Vacant - Assistant Tuckshop Convenor

The College is seeking the services of an Assistant Tuckshop Convenor. This is a fixed term, part-time (term time) position of 12 hours per week for the 2016 school year. Applications close on 26th February 2016.

See the College website for further details:

School Dental Service

The Caloundra School Dental Service is currently offering free dental care to:

  • All students in Prep to Year 10; and
  • All Year 11 and 12 Students who are eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Scheme.

To arrange an appointment, please email with the subject ‘School Dental Checkups’.

In the email, include your children’s names, date of birth, address, school, your name and contact phone number and preferred appointment time. Our highly experienced and child friendly staff will contact you to arrange an appointment time. Alternatively, please phone 54 911 311 and staff will address any questions you may have.

World Science Festival Brisbane

Discover something big! Between 9th – 13th March, Brisbane will be transformed with the wonder of science during the inaugural World Science Festival Brisbane (

Students are invited to participate in the World Science Festival Brisbane Education Program and celebrate the wonder of science.

Parents will find plenty on offer for learning and inquisitive minds across five nights and four days. Brisbane will come alive with gripping debates, original theatrical works, interactive experiments and explorations, musical performances and major outdoor experiences exploring the relationship between science and the arts.

Upcoming Dates

23 Mark Church Visit
13-19yrs Regional Trial Day 2
Year 10 Parent Information Evening (7.00pm)
25 13-19yrs Regional Trial Day 3
Years 4-6 SCISSA Trial Game 1
2 Year 12 University Showcase Day
3 10-19yrs Regional Swimming Trials
4 Primary Lutheran Swimming Carnival (Morayfield)
8 13-19yrs Regional Trial Day 3
10 Years 4-6 SCISSA Trial Game 2
11 International Women's Day Breakfast
15 Friends of Pacific (7.00pm)
15-17 P-5 Parent Conferences and Portfolios
17 SCISSA Primary Gala Day 1
18 National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence
19 Year 11-12 Safe Driver Day
22-23 Middle College Conferences
23 Year 11 Driver Education Day
24 K-12 Chapel
Year 12 Awareness Day
Year 4-6 Foundation Cup
Term 1 Concludes