Compass No 407 - February 2016

From the Principal

Response With Our Ability

Responsibility can be thought of as being committed to providing our best response, making full use of our abilities. What motivates that response will dictate its quality. Where we do things out of love and respect for our fellow man and for the planet, engaging our sense of wonder, there is a well of possibility that inspires us. Rather than acting out of a sense of duty, our mindset is that of a gift that we give freely.

From early in the Bible, God tells Adam and through him, humanity, to take responsibility for his fellow man and for all of God’s creation. In the New Testament Jesus reminded the disciples of the importance of loving God and loving our neighbour as ourselves as the two most important commandments. As we take responsibility, we do so with love in our families, friendships, places of vocation and in the wider community.

Principal's Log

There was tremendous spirit and energy at the Year 7-12 Swimming Carnival early this week. High levels of participation provided opportunity for everyone to contribute to their house. It also enabled us to celebrate many best efforts from our swimmers and witness some outstanding performances from our elite swimmers. Similar positive energy and capacity was evident at the Junior College Carnival last week, despite the much more trying conditions.

We congratulate our young people on their spirited participation and thank staff and parents for their support and leadership. Both carnivals catered very well for the diversity of talent, enabling all swimmers the opportunity to perform at their best. We congratulate Wira House for their win and thank the Physical Education staff very capably led by Mr Mark Hauser, Mr Darren Hooper and Mrs Natalie Campbell for their organisation and leadership.

We thank parents for their attendance at the Middle College Information Evening this week. The strong learning partnership between young people, parents and teachers is core to optimising student learning across all dimensions of life. This is a strength of the Pacific learning community and I thank parents, staff and students for their commitment to enhance this capacity. We appreciate the professional input of our staff and thank them for the way they have supported our young people and for their attendance and presentations on Wednesday night.

Our Year 7 students enjoyed the opportunity to get to know one another very well at their camp last week. The range of activities enabled the young people to grow in self-confidence through overcoming physical challenges, grow in their connections to each other as they engaged in trust and group building activities and to learn the pleasure of engaging in a range of outdoor pursuits. We thank Dr Peter McMahon for his organisation of this important experience and he and Mr Brendan Delaney, Mrs Leah Croke, Mr Damien Evans, Mr Andrew Block and Mrs Rowena Marshall for their leadership.

Year 9 parents and students grew through their participation in the calling ceremony of the Rite Journey on Wednesday. Following an afternoon of reflection, young people met with their parents after school to present them with a letter that expressed their appreciation for all their parents had given. The letter was also symbolic of them leaving their childhood behind as they move through the Rite Journey this year. We thank our Rite Journey leaders of Ms Michelle McMillan, Mrs Toni Fisher, Mr Duncan McNee and Dr Peter McMahon. 

We pray that God would give us a sense of joy and possibility as we take responsibility to live in the best possible way for the good of all creation.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal

From the Director of Students

Year 7 Camp

Last week the Year 7 students travelled to Somerset Dam for their camp. This is what two of our Year 7 students thought of the experience:

Last week, the Year 7 students went on camp. The camp was all about getting outdoors, making friends, challenging ourselves and most importantly, having fun.

The activities were mountain biking, high ropes, archery, canoeing and raft building. All of these were fun, challenging and involved working together. Mountain biking and high ropes made most people nervous however, with the encouragement of friends and the thrill of the experience, students pushed themselves out of their comfort zones. Other activities like raft building and canoeing involved great teamwork and encouragement. They built friendships and trust between all the students.

Another challenge that the students faced was no access to technology, no TV, no luxury and no parents (which was good sometimes).

One thing that was really interesting was that before high ropes our instructor asked us to form a circle. Then the instructor asked those who felt comfortable to step forward, those who felt a bit uncomfortable to stay where they were and those who felt out of their comfort zone to step backwards. I thought this was really great to know how others were feeling and who needed some encouragement.

Over all this was a great camp, my favourite!

- Alessandro Papallo

At 8.30am on Wednesday 3rd February, the Year 7 students set off to camp Somerset. The objective of the camp was to give students an opportunity to bond with each other, as there are a number of new students who join the grade each year. The number of students in our year has dramatically increased from 70 to nearly 100!

Somerset Dam is a beautiful camp with luxurious cabins to stay in and food cooked by a chef over eight feet tall – well, really only seven feet tall! The lunch itself was so magnificent! The camp is set in a valley, surrounded by mountains and a long stretching fresh water lake that reflects the golden sunlight. This is in fact, Somerset Dam.

The Somerset team offers some of the best activities to keep us busy and entertained like raft building, which should come in handy for our Year 8 camp, high ropes (which was terrifying for Mrs Layfield), canoeing, group activities, mountain biking and archery for all those Katniss' and Legolas'! There is no end to how spectacular Somerset camp can be and the amazing things you can discover about yourself there.

On our final day of camp, we ate burgers and chips for lunch then were sent back on the bus. We came home tired and exhausted, relieved to have our own bed back. There is no doubt that Dr McMahon worked incredibly long hours to organise this camp for us and all the teachers who attended appreciated his hard work and effort as well. Thank you to the teachers who came with us and spent time away from their families, this is very much valued.

- Imogen Layfield

Mr Brendan Delaney, Director of Students

From the Head of Staff and Students P-5

Communication With Staff

Often parents need to communicate information to their child’s teachers regarding changes of routine or exemptions from sport and specialist lessons due to a variety of factors.

Each morning parents verbally advise teachers of such changes. To avoid confusion and to ensure students are where they are meant to be, particularly at the end of the day, we ask that parents put all of these changes in writing. There are a number of ways parents can communicate with staff:

  • Email;
  • Communication books (Prep – Year 2); or
  • Notes.

We appreciate your support on this matter.

Global Goals for Sustainable Development

At a United Nations summit in September last year, world leaders committed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development, to be achieved by 2030. Seventeen goals to achieve three extraordinary things: end extreme poverty; fight inequality and injustice and address climate change.

Last week at the Prep-Year 5 assembly, I spoke to the students about these goals and how they can assist in achieving them both as individuals and as a collective community. Individual actions like turning off the tap when brushing your teeth can save valuable drinking water or turning off a light when you leave a room reduces greenhouse emissions by reducing power usage.

As a College, we can also play our part by providing an education that encourages creative thought and builds problem-solving skills. We can also provide the opportunity for students to act in ways that support the achievement of these goals. Already a number of older students have developed some great ideas about how they can be involved in addressing some of the problems facing us globally.

The College conducted an audit to determine how much organic waste staff and students generated each week. The audit revealed that, as much as 70% of the total waste sent to landfill each week is organic in nature. This term throughout the Junior College, the waste-recycling program will include the onsite processing of organic waste (generated from lunch scraps, paper towel and other organic waste generated on the College grounds) into compost. The compost will be used on gardens and any excess will be available to the community.

As part of the recycling/sustainability philosophy at the College, separate bins are available for organic waste, recyclable waste and non-recyclable waste in all eating areas. Two bins are provided for recyclable waste and non-recyclable waste in classrooms.

Developing a social culture of sustainability begins in childhood. By involving students in the practical application of such a philosophy we can help them grow into adults who practice simple forms of waste management and recycling. Individually, we may perceive our actions as only making a small impact but collaboratively, when we are armed with knowledge and understanding, the impact can be immense.

Use of Playground After School

After school, once children are released into their parent’s care, we ask that parents be vigilant in monitoring their children whilst still on the College grounds.

The Year 1 playground in particular is licensed to After School Care (ASC) from 3.00pm and is not available for use by students who are not attending ASC.

Whilst under the care of College staff each day, children’s interactions and the nature of their play is closely monitored. After school hours, while still on the College grounds, it would be appreciated if parents/guardians could continue to reinforce the standards of acceptable and safe play and monitor their children’s use of play equipment.


The College hat is an important element of the school uniform. A number of students are already presenting to school each day without a hat. During breaks students need to wear a hat or they are required to stay out of the sun. Students should also wear their hats when travelling to and from the College. Could all parents/guardians please ensure that children are bringing/wearing a hat to school each day.


Students in Years 1-5 may only wear their sports uniform to school on the days they have HPE lessons. Years 4 and 5 students may also wear their sports uniforms to school on Thursdays. There may be rare occasions when students are requested to wear their sports uniform for carnivals or excursions. On all other occasions students should attend school in their formal uniform.

If for some reason your child is unable to wear the correct uniform, please send a note to your child’s class teacher. A uniform reminder letter will be forwarded to parents when children do not present a letter of explanation.

National Ride2School Day

This year the College will celebrate National Ride2School Day on Friday 4th March. On this day we encourage students and their families to leave the car at home and get a taste of the benefits, ease and fun of wheeling or walking to school.

Students should register on the Sunshine Coast Council website before Friday 4th March to enter the draw for great prizes, including a $500 bike shop voucher.

Mr David Druery, Head of Staff and Students P-5

Important Notices

Apple Power Adapter Recall

Our local Apple service provider has notified Pacific Lutheran College about the Apple power adapter recall. The details of the recall are explained in a statement from Apple at the link that follows:

The College is negotiating with our local service provider to arrange for a swap of adapters that were provided through the College’s iPad rental scheme. We will notify students and families when details of this exchange are finalised.

Student Awards

Junior College Awards

Click here to download the Junior College Stars of the Week and You Can Do It Awards for this week, Monday 8th February.

Friends of Pacific

Connecting College and Community

We warmly invite you to join us at Friends of Pacific this year. Our first meeting is being held next Tuesday 16th February at 7.00pm in the Library. As well as a place for parents and guardians to connect, we also look forward to discussing our major events this year: the annual Golf Day and OCEANfest!

A specific OCEANfest meeting is also being held next Wednesday, please click here for the full details. If you are interested and unable to attend, please contact us directly at or speak with Leanne Bevis (Middle/Senior Administration) on 54367338.

Mrs Tracey Hindmarsh, FoP Chairperson


Contribute to the Tuckshop

Thank you to the parents and grandparents who have added their names to the volunteer list for this term. The Tuckshop couldn’t run without you and your time is very much appreciated. 

Several families have indicated that they would love to support the Tuckshop, but due to work and family commitments, they are unable to be here in person.

Our aim is to provide nutritious and interesting meals for the staff and students and prepare as many of the menu items as possible in-house. With this in mind, we are encouraging parents to assist by baking at home, or donating ingredients such as pastas, sauces and baking supplies. Please email or pop in to the Tuckshop for more information if you think these options would work for you.

And… a big thank you to the family who did a Costco shop late last year and arrived with two boxes of ingredients! You had us baking for weeks and the staff and students were spoilt for choice.

Current Roster

Click here to download the current Tuckshop roster for Term 1.

Ms Carrie Dickson, Tuckshop Convenor

Library News


Thank you to everyone who attended the parent information evenings over the last two weeks and to those who will attend the upcoming ones. For those who couldn’t make it, you might like to bookmark the library home pages. From there you can access our catalogue, e-books, databases, online encyclopaedia and research tools. The links are:


Our MakerSpace started up again this week and students made a Valentine’s Day card. MakerSpace activities run during lunchtime on Tuesdays.

Library Monitors

On assembly this week, our library monitors received their badges from Mr Brendan Delaney. Students had a training day and pizza lunch last week and have now commenced their duties.

Congratulations to this year’s library monitors:

Year 6                                   Year 7

Amie Hague                           Briarna Bell

Sebastian Box                       Jayda Lowe

Charles Box                           Luca Jones

Isobel Hughes                       Hayley Pearce

Sophie Wilkinson                  Dempsey Hall

Jasmin Groves                      Noah Beasley

Nicholas Pollack                    Holly Ubrihien

Romola Frazer                      

Junior College

Year 1 Food Investigation

Year 1 is investigating how foods change when they are heated or cooled. Our first exciting experiment, on a very hot day last week, was investigating how ice blocks melt when heated and change from solid to liquid. It was fun melting them with our mouths! We also investigated whether a liquid could change into a solid by being heated. On Shrove Tuesday, we made a mixture of flour, sugar, milk and eggs, and discovered that if you heat this liquid it does turn into a solid – it turns into a delicious pancake! Year 1 students love doing science experiments!

Year 1 Teachers

Wild About Year 3

This week, Year 3 students had the great pleasure of participating in the Geckoes Wildlife hands-on experience, delivered by the unflappable Kirstan. The students were given the opportunity to touch and hold a variety of furry, scaly and/or slippery native animals. Our delighted students squirmed with anticipation as each animal was introduced and each unveiling was met with squeals of delight or groans of concern.

Kirstan provided entertaining information regarding the classifications of each animal, their dietary needs, habitats and habits. As the students have just commenced their Science unit, this incursion provided a fantastic learning experience on native Australian animals.

Some of the highlights included the gorgeous Tasmanian bush possum that looked like a giant cat, holding the giant carpet python, witnessing native lizards and amphibians feed on their prey and of course, getting up close and personal with a fresh water crocodile.

Thank you Geckoes Wildlife and Kirstan for this wonderful hands-on experience that students won’t forget.

Year 3 Teachers

Secondary College

Mathematics Tutorials

To support students academically, the College will continue Mathematics tutorials this year for students in Years 7-12. These tutorials are on Monday afternoons and are in rooms L13/L14 from 3.20pm to 4.20pm. Students are welcome to come along for a quiet place to complete class work, homework or seek assistance. The expectation is that they remain within the room until 4.20pm, unless picked up earlier by a parent. 

Mr Adam Doyle, Head of Mathematics

Music - Pacific Ensembles

Mr Adrian King’s ensembles are commencing next week (Week 4). Rehearsals have been scheduled for the following times:

  • The Senior Choir on Monday from 3.20pm to 4.00pm in the senior music room.
  • The Senior Concert Band on Tuesday from 7.30am to 8.15am in the senior music room.
  • The Senior School Orchestra on Wednesday from 7.30am to 8.15am in the senior music room.

We invite pupils who sang or played in these ensembles last year to attend these rehearsals. In addition, we welcome new students who sing or play an instrument to also attend. Members of staff are also very welcome to attend any of these groups!

Mr Adrian King, Head of Instrumental Music

From the Head of Career Development

Key Application and Information Dates

14th February 2016

  • Applications close for Queensland University of Technology’s (QUT) 2016 High School Research Internships. Students in Years 11 and 12 can apply to undertake a weeklong work placement during the Easter holidays working with QUT scientists. To be eligible for the program, students must be studying a science subject (preferably Biology) and achieving a VHA. Applications close at 9.00pm on Sunday 14th February. For further information, visit:

12th – 19th February 2016

  • UQ Taste of Languages sessions are being held during these dates. These interactive sessions are for students and teachers at the UQ School of Languages and Cultures.

24th February 2016

  • Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) information session is being held on Wednesday 24th February at 6.00pm in Maroochydore. To RSVP, please call 13 19 01 or email:

28th February 2016

  • ADFA Education Award applications are due on 28th February. This award is presented annually to Year 12 students in recognition of leadership potential and academic and sporting achievements displayed during Year 11. The award includes a tablet device (or similar) and certificate for you, along with a plaque for your school. There are up to 50 awards available on behalf of the Navy, Army and Air Force. For more information, visit:

2nd March 2016

  • The Year 12 University and TAFE Showcase day is on Wednesday 2nd March. All Year 12 students will visit the showcase between 1.40pm and 2.40pm (please note the new time slot) at Kawana State College Primary Campus.

21st March 2016

  • 2016 UQ Science Ambassador Program applications close on 21st March. Through this program, science teachers nominate up to four current Year 11 students to interact with UQ and assist science teachers to raise the profile of the subject in your school. If you are in Year 11 and are interested in being a part of this program, talk to your science teacher and visit the website at:
Job Skills

According to a new Forum report, ‘The Future of Jobs’, the following skills will be in demand, in order of priority:

  • Complex Problem Solving;
  • Critical Thinking;
  • Creativity;
  • People Management;
  • Coordinating with Others;
  • Emotional Intelligence;
  • Judgement and Decision Making;
  • Service Orientation;
  • Negotiation; and
  • Cognitive Flexibility.

For more information, read the Future of Jobs executive summary at

Mrs Natasha Purcell, Careers Counsellor

Secondary Sport

Year 7-12 Swim Carnival Results

Well done to all students who were involved in the Year 7-12 House Swimming Carnival this week. It was a great first carnival for the year! The level of involvement, effort and atmosphere was fantastic!

Congratulations to the following Age Champions and runners up:


12 Yrs

13 Yrs

14 Yrs

15 Yrs

16 Yrs



Jason Wulff & Jayda Lowe

Oliver Frazer & Cosette Winter

James Brown & Chloe Johnston

Baugdan Zolotar & Kaylee McKeown

Elliott McKean & Ella Smith

Jake Hynes & Elsa Jonsson


Hayden Notley & Eliza Woods

Thomas Grey & Emma Frohmuller

Taj Kelly & Jade Norris

Luke Morris & Skye Norris

Cooper Pointon & Emma McKean

Harrison Burns & Jazz Morris


Lachlan Buchanan & Yasmin Richters

Charlie Punter & Kate Cameron

Jack Gothorp & Georgia Harle

Joseph Simpson & Karla Lowe

Matthew Barnes & Georgia Woods

Sam Wilson & Amy Fleming

Special congratulations to the record breakers on the day as well:





Previous Record

Jayda Lowe

12 Yrs



2004 Rhyann Burton (43.01)

Kaylee McKeown

15 Yrs



2011 Melissa Synott (29.44)

Kaylee McKeown

15 Yrs



2007 Kiani Rihm (36.64)

Kaylee McKeown

15 Yrs



2011 Melissa Synott (34.17)

Kaylee McKeown

15 Yrs



2007 Kiani Rihm (30.77)

Kaylee McKeown


200 IM


2007 Kiani Rihm (2:29.10)

The overall points for the day were as follows:

1st WIRA (3092)

2nd BULA (2608)

3rd MUMBA (2507)

13-19 Years District Swimming

The 13-19 Years District Swimming Carnival will be held next Thursday 18th February at the Noosa pool. All students who have been selected in the team (1st and 2nd place winners at the school carnival) will be required to attend the day. All swimmers will need to compete in Pacific school swimmers or racing swimsuits. All consent forms must be returned to Mr Mark Hauser as soon as possible. Those who are competing in the long course events (100m and 200m) will need to meet at the pool by 7.45am. Those who want to be considered for other distance events for Regionals, must return the form with club time print outs to Mr Mark Hauser by Friday 12th February as nominations must be submitted by the following Monday. No nominations after this time will be accepted.

Year 7-12 School Sport

Wednesday after school sport began this week for Year 7-10 volleyball and Year 11 and 12 soccer. For weekly draws, team members are asked to please continually check the ‘7-12 Sport’ Schoology course updates. Venues and matches will also be advertised in student notices each week.

Monday night netball begins next Monday and rugby gets underway in a few short weeks as well. We wish all teams and players the best of luck in these competitions.

Year 7-10 SCISSA Volleyball

Congratulations to all on a fantastic first round of SCISSA volleyball. All teams played very well and the atmosphere of the competition is building every year. This week, Pacific played away against St Andrew’s Anglican College. Unfortunately no teams recorded wins on the night, but the standard of competition was very high. We wish all teams and players the best of luck next week.

Senior SCISSA Football

This week, the senior football teams also took on St Andrew’s Anglican College (SAAC) in the first round of SCISSA matches. The Senior Girls had a tough match away from home and in a very close game, neither team managed to pull away from each other, resulting in a 0-0 draw.

The Senior Boys started their 2016 SCISSA campaign strongly with a great 5-3 win over hosts SAAC, despite being at less than full-strength for the first round of the competition. Well done to the boys for an excellent match and all the best for the rest of the season.

Mr Mark Hauser, Head of Sport

Club Sport

Pacific Soccer

Click here to download the Pacific Soccer newsletter for this week.

Mr Ian Barnes, Pacific Soccer President

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours and Online Ordering

The Uniform Shop is open from 8.00am to 9.30am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Orders can be placed online via and will be delivered to your child the following day.

Mrs Donna Hollindale, Uniform Shop Coordinator

Upcoming Dates

16 Year 12 Information Evening (7.00pm)
Friends of Pacific (7.00pm)
17 9-12yrs District Swim Carnival
18 13-19yrs District Swim Carnival
23 Mark Church Visit
13-19yrs Regional Trial Day 2
Year 10 Parent Information Evening (7.00pm)
25 13-19yrs Regional Trial Day 3
Years 4-6 SCISSA Trial Game 1
2 Year 12 University Showcase Day
3 10-19yrs Regional Swimming Trials
4 Primary Lutheran Swimming Carnival (Morayfield)
8 13-19yrs Regional Trial Day 3
10 Years 4-6 SCISSA Trial Game 2
15 Friends of Pacific (7.00pm)
15-17 P-5 Parent Conferences and Portfolios
17 SCISSA Primary Gala Day 1