Seishin Gakuen Relationship

Seishin Gakuen Relationship

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2020 marks the 16th year of Pacific Lutheran College’s and Seishin Gakuen’s sister school relationship. Pacific is fortunate to have a number of exchange programs with Seishin Gakuen, which provide opportunity for students to foster genuine intercultural understandings. This includes a biennial rotation of Pacific students undertaking a trip to Japan and then in the opposite year, Seishin students visiting the College.

Shun was one of the Seishin students who visited Pacific a number of years ago. He has since returned to the Sunshine Coast to study at USC. Following, Shun shares what he’s been up to since his exchange trip.

“My name is Shun. I am from Ibaraki city in Japan. The city is known as the “most unattractive city in Japan”. People from other countries haven’t really heard of the city, so don’t worry, it is normal that you have nothing to say about it.

I graduated from Seishin Gakuen High School in Japan, which is a sister school of Pacific Lutheran College. In the ninth grade, I had the chance to come and study at PLC as an exchange student for a short period and I just loved it. This is when I found out that Aussies are super friendly and easy-going. The next year, students from PLC came over to our school in Japan and we had a lot of fun. However, at the same time, I found my English level wasn’t very strong and thought that it would be great if I could speak with them without a language barrier. That is why I decided to go overseas and study English.

The reason I chose USC as my university was because I have a “family” on the Sunshine Coast. They are the family that hosted me when I went to PLC and they always take care of me, even when I am in Japan. These guys gave me the peace of mind to stay in Australia, thus, my experience of studying in Australia was not as hard as I expected.

I have had a few hardships in terms of assignments and exams, but these were normally worked out. In my opinion, focusing on study is definitely important, however, making friends is just as much so. As I made friends, I not only improved my English, but also learnt a wide range of culture and new things that I would never know in Japan. Especially since Australia is a multi-cultural country and people from many other countries coexist, so it is a perfect circumstance to engage with them.

One of my achievements in Australia is that I graduated from university last month. It might sound easy, but for me, getting out of my home country was actually really hard and it was a big decision in my life. I am really proud of myself and appreciate my parents for giving me this opportunity. 

I am currently doing an internship in Brisbane as a marketing assistant and gaining new skills every day. My nearest future goal is to work full-time in an Australian local business and to be able to communicate with colleagues without difficulty.

Arigatou!” – Shunsuke Fujie

Mrs Michiko Hauser, Head of Japanese 6-12