Establishing Effective Study Habits

Establishing Effective Study Habits

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The start of the academic year is an excellent time to plan effective study skills. Capable students may experience difficulty in school if they lack good study skills, and students of all ages can improve their academic performance through employing efficient strategies to learn new information. Study skills are fundamental to academic success, and establishing regular study routines helps develop these. The basics of an effective study plan include:

Preparing to Study

  • Establish a quiet study space with limited distractions and with study materials within reach.
  • Display an assessment calendar with dates.

Planning for Study

  • Use the student diary to record homework and assessment dates.
  • Get into a routine and set aside blocks of study time each day.
  • Plan for movement breaks and rest breaks.
  • Break components of a task down into ‘chunks’ and plan how long they might realistically take.
  • Allocate time each week to catch up with friends and family.

Effective study

  • Use the ‘study cycle’: preview material on Nav, attend in class, review notes after class, study new content and complete homework, check for understanding.
  • Build in time to consult with teachers for feedback.
  • Hand drafts in early.

Mrs Jo Belchamber, Head of Learning Enrichment 6-12