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Last Friday, 14 Senior College students took part in round two of the CyberTaipan Challenge against 87 teams from around Australia.

The teams analysed three different systems online using the WebEx platform. The systems were a virtual Windows10 system, a Windows 2016 server and an Ubuntu system. Teams were tasked with identifying and removing vulnerabilities and security issues. Students worked hard in their teams solving forensic questions and searching for hidden problems on the system images to earn points for hardening the system while maintaining critical services. Well done to the following teams of students.


Team: 061

Points: 189

Position: 36


Noah Beasley

Harry Collishaw

Michael D’Addario

Cody McMackin


Team: 457

Points: 200

Position: 31


Jordan Doughty

Kai Randl

Jack Carmichael

Lachlan Eden

Noah Taverner

Matthew Stanton

Ethan Donohue


Team: 456

Points: 150

Position: 55


Jackson Mobbs

Astrid Williams

Jack Chessell


The CyberTaipan competition is now over for us for 2020. The students involved did an amazing job supporting each other for six hours of solid investigation and analysis. They have each learned a great deal from the experience, which put us in a good position to be part of the competition in 2021.

Thank you to all students for their interest and hard work throughout the challenge. They were a pleasure to work alongside.

Mrs Janine Stone, Head of Information Technology